Music is only one facet of the entertainment that guests expect from a cruise these days. Given the great number of cruise providers, the offer of alternative programs can be just the added value that tips the scale when potential customers choose a cruise.

Many vacationers want to use their leisure time for further education or learn more in an area that has always fascinated them.

Our team knows the wishes of vacationers – especially German ones.  We will support you on various levels with the crafting of entertaining edutainment programs. We have at our disposal an extensive network of authors, comedians, artists and other interesting public figures who are available for readings, workshops or guest appearances.

We’d be delighted to devise theme trips for you with suitable agenda items. We research the facts, the intriguing stations along your route, the protagonists who have something to contribute to your theme. You’ll get a package with information from us and, if desired, all-round support during the cruise.